No Kennels Here - Only Foster Homes!

 dogs listed below have been through our initial checking procedures and are available for adoption and rehoming.                                                                                                     we update the website regularly, we have dogs who are going through the checking process but they will not appear until they are ready for rehoming.                             for our guidelines on our adoption procedure please go to our adoption page and read adoption policy there.
for all enquires about our dogs please fill online adoption form on our contact us tab.

  We ask that you fill out the adoption form on our contact us tab when enquiring about a dog as it helps our rehoming team when going through the applications.
also if you have a interest in a specific  dog please let us know which dog it is in the further information box which helps our volunteers out even further when working on rehoming a dog.
  Donations for each dog vary and range from £295 upwards depending on breed and veterinary treatment needed for the dog.

When applying  please make sure that all the family members are on board with adopting a dog, and let us know some information about yourselves as this helps us to match you to your dog quicker.
please note dogs  are not cat tested  so sorry we cannot rehome with cats sorry.

If you are interested in any of our dogs for rehoming  go to contact us tab and fill in adoption form to register your interest.

To avoid wasted telephone enquiries  we do not do applications over the phone, if a new owners is going through the adoption procedure  by using the phrase,
  NEW OWNER PENDING, awaiting home checks on photo below.

Please note please do not fill adoption form in and wasting rescue valuable time if you are not ready to adopt a dog immediately. thank you for your understanding . 

  we do have dogs going through  assessment  process so please fill in the adoption form  on our contact us page and leave your details so the rehoming team will have them on  file ready for when we have a suitable dog for rescue our policy is we do not rehomed with all day workers or young family's. or flats without a small garden. 
Please check our adoption policy before applying as the Rescue has very strict criteria.   If you are interested in rehoming any of our dogs please go to contact us tab and fill online application form please note rescue only rehomes within 15 to 20 mile radius of rescue,                                                                                                                               

 meet Katie  9 year old patterjack, and Layla 6 year old yorkie must stay together has they have a strong bond and adore each other, both very sweet and friendly love their cuddles and love, if you would like to be considered  to adopt Layla and Katie please go to contact us tab and fill online application form, rescue only  rehome within 20 mile radius of rescue. 

 meet our 2 golden oldie shihtzu's Peggy 9 years old and Becky 11 years old, a boned pair must stay together,  both have been spayed and have clean bill from vets, such a lovely  pair well behaved lovely in every way love their walks, looking for a very special persons who will take our sweet girls and give them their forever home.  

new home pending

 meet toby a 6 year old jack Russell, toby has been neutered  toby is in foster home in Stafford, he is a typical jtr wants to be the boss you have to be firm with him, please note toby must be only dog in the household, loves his walks, and his love, looking for a forever home  with persons who has experience in the breed, as rescue we do not rehome with young families, all day workers, or cats,  we only rehome within 20 mile radius of cannock.    

meet tiny 2 years old, and gismo  4 years old, both beautiful stunning mini chihuahua both been spayed and neutered, they are a bonded pair and need to stay together, gismo is very outgoing and friendly tiny can be a little nervous till she gets to know you, looking for home with experience persons who know the breed,  as rescue we do not rehome in flats with no garden, no young family's, no all day workers, or cats, and rehome only within 20 mile radius of rescue, if you would like to be considered to adopt tiny and gismo go to contact us tab on website and fill online application form .  

 meet harry 5 month old cocker poo puppy, has been neutered and fully vaccinated, very loving loves everyone, lovely in ever way such a sweetie, harry does have alopecia on top of his head, please read up on this condition before applying to adopt him, looking for persons who are familiar with the cocker breed, as rescue we do not rehome with all day workers, young families, flats with no garden, or cats, if you would like to be considered for harry please go to contact us tab and fill online application form. 

meet Benji and Tina approx 7 years old,  (little and large ) like to be rehomed together, both very sweet nature, would like home with elderly persons who do know the breed as yorkies need to be regularly groomed,  very sad their owner has passed away both are in vets Friday 22nd oct so will be looking for home towards end of month, as rescue we do not rehome to young families, no all day workers, no flats without a garden, or cats, and we only rehome within 20 mile radius of rescue. 

 meet susie mini schnauzer approx 5 years old, being spayed on Friday 22nd oct, looking for persons experienced in the schnauzer breed, she is still under assessment so more info to follow shortly.

rescue has a very high volume of applications for each dog, we pride ourselves on matching the right dog to the right home, this will always cause disapointment to lots of applicants im sure any true dog lover would agreee that the dogs needs come first, thanks for reading and understanding